Life Editor’s Picks: Easy Home Gym

Productivity is my specialty, and I feel an incredible high when I help my clients get more important things done in less time.

Nearly everyone I work with wants to improve their health, which makes sense because you can’t focus on any other goals if you’re sick and tired.

But rearranging your schedule (Step 4 of my Life Editing Process) can get a little tricky when you try to balance all your priorities within your days and weeks.

So if you never seem to manage to drive yourself to the fancy gym that’s 30 minutes away, maybe you should keep it simple and exercise in your living room.

You’ll save the travel time, not have to wait for people to get off the equipment you want to use, and be able to shower in the comfort of your own home.

And no wiping strangers’ sweat off the treadmill. Ew!

Do yourself a favor and put your health first by setting up a convenient workout space at home.

Here are my picks for an easy home gym.

1. Weighted Gloves. Slip on these babies when you need to punch away your anxiety!

2. Richard Simmons: Sweatin’ to the Oldies Vol. 2. Laugh all you want, but this is the video that made me love working out. As a fat kid in the early 90s, Richard’s loving enthusiasm encouraged me to move my body for ME, not because of society’s expectations.

3. Jump Rope. An inexpensive way to get your heart rate up without a pricy elliptical machine or bike that will just take up space.

4. New Balance Women’s 711v2 Training Shoe. These are my favorite vegan cross-trainers that are perfect for a variety of activities. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should exercise in your socks.

5. Neoprene Dumbbells. I have these same dumbbells in my office so I can squeeze in a few reps in between my client calls.

6. Vinyl Kettlebell Set. Get a wider range of motion and shake up your usual strength routine with these adorable kettlebells.

7. Resistance Loop Bands. Gradually increase the resistance as you get stronger.

8. Gaiam Yoga Mat. A beautiful design to admire while you’re in Downward Facing Dog.

9. Water Bottle. You might look like a sweaty disheveled mess, but at least your bottle can look chic and cool.

10. Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio. Turn your living room into a disco gym with this colorful speaker.

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This post focuses on Step 4 of the Life Editing Process, Rearrange Everything Into a Perfect Flow. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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