Life Editor Picks: Habit Change Books

I never get tired of talking with my clients about habit change and all the little things they want to improve in their lives and businesses.

Breaking bad habits, sticking to good ones, and how to know which habits are right for you. It can get a bit overwhelming when you finally decide to take action.

Step 3 of the Life Editing Process is Add Good Habits and Routines. This is where you make those changes to become the best version of yourself.

Habit change often requires a lot of trial and error until you find the unique strategies that work for your lifestyle and personality. Trigger habits might work for someone, while a treats and rewards plan might work for another.

Ready to become the new you?

Here are my top picks for habit change books.

1. Atomic Habits. This popular bestseller reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

2. Better Than Before. So many amazing nuggets of wisdom in this book that shows you how to use your personality to achieve habit change.

3. Habits of a Happy Brain. This 45-day program helps you build new habits by creating new neural pathways and increasing feelings of satisfaction when you need them most.

4. The Power of Habit. I recommend this book often to my clients so they can learn the “habit loop” to make positive changes.

5. Badass Habits. Gotta love Jen Sincero’s humor and fresh take on habits so you can strengthen your discipline and rock on.

6. The Four Tendencies. One more must-read from Gretchen Rubin about how inner and outer expectations shape our personalities and willingness to change.

7. Mini Habits. Another much-recommended book for choosing habits that are “too small to fail” so you get big results with minimal effort.

This post focuses on Step 3 of the Life Editing Process, Add Good Habits and Routines. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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