Best of Both Worlds | Business Design and Self-Care Unicorn Bundles

Being a life and business coach means I get to indulge in 2 sides of my personality: the “Type A” go-getter and the woo-woo mindfulness lover.

This week, I get to share the best of both worlds with 2 all-new Unicorn Bundles! These short-and-sweet bundles are insanely popular because they’re unlike anything else out there.

The Unicorn Mojo Mini Bundles aren’t stuffed with hundreds of random experts. They’re about less, not more, and include narrow niche freebies for hyper-focused results.

Check out this week’s FREE bundles now through Sunday, February 18, 2024.

Pixel Perfect: Business Success with Design, Systems, Etsy, PLR, and AI

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your design game, infuse your business with unicorn sparkle, or unlock the secrets of AI-enhanced success, this bundle has something extraordinary waiting for you.

Resources Included In This FREE Bundle

  • 50 Simple Sales Multipliers (this ones from me!)
  • DFY Hashtag Vaults for Designers
  • DFY Hashtag Vaults for Passive Income/ Etsy Sellers
  • Manifesting Time: A Unicorn’s Guide to Time-Blocking for Abundance
  • AI-Enhanced Product Descriptions
  • Template Magic Training
  • Essential Oil PLR Article Pack
  • Soulful Systems 101
  • 2 months of the Seven Membership for Women in Business


Essence Alchemy: A Journey of Self, Breath, and Aroma

Embrace your inner unicorn and embark on a journey of transformation and self-care like no other. Your path to radiant self-love awaits, and it’s filled with captivating treasures!

Resources Included In This FREE Bundle

  • Here and Happy: Modern Mindfulness Meditations (this one’s from me!)
  • DFY Hashtag Vault for Self-Care
  • 7-Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge
  • Fantasy Fairies Coloring Book
  • Essential Oils for Self-Care
  • Essential Oil Article Pack
  • Honoring Your Needs – Cultivating Boundaries as a Radical Act of Self-Care Journal
  • Creating a Home for Your Soul Guide
  • Revelations of Self – Digital Workbook & Journal
  • Easy & Natural Essential Oil Recipe Booklet


Ready to refresh and recharge your life and business?

These FREE MINI BUNDLES are a only available through February 18, 2024, so act fast before the magic disappears. 

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