No List? No Problem! Get Sales TODAY

When I share email marketing tips, I often get pushback from my followers.

“That works for you, Sage. But I only have 10 people on my email list.”

I get it. Building a list of loyal fans takes time, maybe with years of nurturing.

But what if you need to start earning money ASAP?

  • Maybe you just quit your job or were fired but rent is still due this month.
  • Maybe you experienced a medical emergency and have a huge hospital bill.
  • Maybe you’re fed up and you’ve decided to close your business if you don’t get any sales this week.

Don’t give up, Life Editor!

This week, I had a deep dive conversation with the fabulous Val Shelby of Bundle Bash about how to get sales TODAY when you have an itty bitty list.

And the best part? This technique works whether you have a small list, an unengaged list, or even no list at all!

Watch our free workshop here.

How to Get Sales Today With an Itty Bitty List


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