Ask Me Anything! Master To-Do List Versus Daily To-Do List

I’m a to-do list kind of gal, and I can’t get anything done unless I have a detailed plan of attack in front of me.

But I’ve noticed the disturbing trend of people working from their master to-do lists, not their daily to-do lists. That’s a recipe for disaster!

So what’s the difference between a master to-do list and a daily to-do list?

One’s a huge “brain dump” for every single task for every area of your life. It’s how you get things out of your head and onto paper so you don’t forget anything.

And the other one is a trimmed-down, highly-focused list of 3 items that absolutely must get done today.

Trying to work from a 10-page disorganized master to-do list will drain your energy and make you freeze up with procrastination. It’s too overwhelming so you shut down.

This month we had another Ask Me Anything call live stream on my Facebook page so I could answer all your questions about different kinds of to-do lists, active and passive income, and tons more.

Watch the video below and then hop on over to Facebook and tell me your best productivity tips.

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In This Video

  • The difference between a master to-do list and a daily to-do list.
  • What I’m reading now.
  • What’s in the Life Editor Weekend goodie bag.
  • The difference between the Clubhouse, the Academy, and the Weekend
  • Whether you should focus on active or passive income for your business.

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