A Simple Exercise to Help You Sleep Well Every Night (and a Free Printable!)

At the end of a long work day, it’s easy to fall into the habit of complaining about all the little injustices and problems you encountered.

Traffic was terrible.

You spilled coffee on your blouse.

The meeting ran an hour late.

Your coworker was being a jerk.

You hit reply all.

Ugh…some days just suck!

I’ve been there, and I know what it feels like to have a really crummy day. But when I calm down and think about it, even the worst days still have glimmers of goodness in them.

I like to choose the best part of my day and focus on that happy feeling before I go to sleep at night.

It’s my way of ending the day on a positive note instead of ruminating on my problems (real or imagined).

Sometimes it’s getting a new magazine in the mailbox. Or laughing with Chris on date night. Or hearing the birds chirp outside my window while I work. Or getting a nice email from a client.

And on bad days when everything seems to be going wrong, the best part of my day is getting into my jammies, crawling into bed, and letting the day end. It’s still something.

Need help tracking the best part of your day? Try my free printable Gratitude Journal in the Editor’s Toolkit.

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How It Works

  • Print as many gratitude journal sheets as you want. You can decide whether you want to write in your journal daily (my recommendation), weekly, or whenever you feel like it.
  • Add your pages to a binder or folder to keep them organized. You’ll want to look back at your old entries to prolong the good feelings and as a record of the things that made you happy during a particular time of your life.
  • Start with the Morning Gratitude Prayer section and write 10 things you’re grateful for when you wake up.
  • Next, write the names of the people who made you happy today. Perhaps your partner gave you a compliment or the barista at the coffee shop remembered your usual order.
  • Then, think about the challenges you’re facing and find one good thing you’re learning from each.
  • Finally, end your day by meditating on the best moment of your day. Sweet dreams!

Are you consciously celebrating to happy spots in your life?

Tonight, and every night from now on, think back on the past 24 hours and choose the very best moment.

Savor it, enjoy it, and be thankful.

I’ve found that when I know I have to name a best part of my day, I’ll be on the lookout for sweet surprises or happy instances. There’s always something to be grateful for.

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