Life Editor’s Picks: Money Honey

Recently at the January Kickoff Retreat for Life Editor Academy, we had to deviate from the pre-planned schedule because the ladies couldn’t wait to talk about one thing:


Nothing takes up more space in our minds than how much money we have, where our money goes when it slips through our fingers, and how we’re going to hustle to make more moolah.

I get it. Money makes every thing easier.

I think of money as energy, and it can come and go just like electricity. You don’t want to hoard it like a miser, but instead let it go freely and with love so that more money and abundance will come back to you.

It took me nearly 18 months from the time I started my business to break the 6-figure mark ($100,000+ per year), but the biggest change had to do with my mindset.

When we focus on wealth and prosperity and let go of old, false beliefs (“Money is the root of all evil!”), then we can use money to help ourselves and lift up the lives of everyone around us.

Are you on speaking terms with money? Or maybe you could use a money mindset shift.

Here are my picks to help you become a marvelous money honey.

1. The Oracle of E: An Oracle Card Deck to Manifest Your Dreams. Based on her best-selling book, E-Squared, Pam Grout’s oracle deck will guide you to the opportunities and decisions that will help you reach your goals.

2. Bungalow 360 Octopus Zip Around Wallet. I love Bungalow 360 and their vegan designs. Let this cute wallet remind you to keep your tentacles away from your credit cards!

3. Secrets of Six-Figure Women. Ready to bust through the $100,000 mark? You can totally do this, Life Editor.

4. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! This amazing money manifesting guide by the wise Denise Duffield-Thomas has become a favorite in my library.

5. Silicone iPhone Case. Let everyone know who the real boss is! I imagine that this is the phone case Scrooge McDuck would use.

6. Bill Due Planner Stickers. Planner addicts unite! Make those mundane tasks like bill paying exciting by gussying up your planner with some pops of color.

7. Thank & Grow Rich. Yes, Pam Grout is on this list for a second time. She’s just that good! This is our February book club selection for Life Editor Academy.

8. Mini Ganesh Hindu Elephant God of Success. Feeling stressed about money? Let Ganesh sit on your desk and remove the obstacles in your path while you work.

9. Amethyst Feng Shui Money Tree. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but this gorgeous table decoration will help you attract more of the good stuff.

10. Terramundi Wishes and Dreams Money Pot. What big dreams are you saving your pennies for?

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This post focuses on Step 3 of the Life Editing Process, Add Good Habits and Routines. For more about life editing and what it can do for you, click here.

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