You’ve Been Warned: Life Editor Academy Registration Opens In One Month

Maybe it’s because I’m an extrovert.

Maybe it’s because I’m a shameless attention seeker.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t get hugged enough as a child.

Whatever the reason, I’m someone who LOVES being around other people.

This is a good thing when I’m enthusiastically hugging my clients and friends. Not so good when I’m invading random strangers’ personal space. Awkward. . .

Because a funny thing happens when I’m around people who are excited to be around me: I become the best version of myself! I’m a better coach! I shine!

Who wouldn’t want to feel that way all the time?

So I created an offering for my business that would allow me to do my best work with my clients IN PERSON, and for the past 3 years I’ve been enjoying every minute of my time with this unique tribe of Life Editors.

Life Editor Academy is a group mastermind program for ambitious women who are ready to go after their goals, make tough choices about what they do and do not want in their lives, get real and raw, and push through every obstacle in their way.

Graduates of Life Editor Academy have achieved amazing results such as:

  • Started a business from scratch.
  • Got pregnant after years of infertility.
  • Tripled her business income.
  • Move to Hawaii (yes, really!).
  • Finally published her website and started blogging regularly.
  • Stood up for herself and filed for divorced.
  • Paid off thousands of dollars of debt.
  • Quit a terrible job and shifted to a new career path.
  • Sold out her women’s beach retreat.
  • Cut sugar and gluten from her diet and feels like a million bucks.
  • Removed dangerous toxic relatives from her life.

It’s astounding what you can achieve with a team of accountability partners supporting you!

We’re only ONE MONTH AWAY from registration opening up again for the Academy, so I want to give you a big heads-up so you can prepare.

Last time, some ladies were surprised about the cost of the program and wished they had heard about it earlier so they could budget accordingly.

*** Consider this your warning!!! ***

Your investment in Life Editor Academy:

OPTION 1: GOLD GROUP (ie, the “mini” program)

  • One payment of $2500 (save $504)
  • Or a deposit of $1000 followed by 6 monthly payments of $334 (total $3004)

OPTION 2: PLATINUM GROUP (ie, the “big” program)

  • One payment of $6500 (save $1500)
  • Or a deposit of $2000 followed by 12 monthly payments of $500 (total $8000)

Life Editor Academy is a powerful commitment. Please don’t join unless you’re truly serious about editing your life and making dramatic changes.

Here’s Everything You Get In Life Editor Academy:

  • Private Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Live Retreats
  • Weekly Videos and Worksheets
  • Accountability Partners
  • Book Club
  • Much More!

Click here to read all the details.

If Life Editor Academy sounds like the perfect group for you, start thinking about what you need to do to make this dream a reality.

Perhaps you need to save a percentage of your income, or open a new credit card, or ask your spouse or employer to help cover the cost. (Yes, I do have clients whose companies pay for their coaching.)

Spots in both Gold and Platinum groups will be filled on a rolling basis:

  • August 27: Registration opens for Life Editor Weekend attendees
  • September 1: Registration opens for Early Bird list
  • September 8: Registration opens for the public

That’s it for now. You can read all the details about Life Editor Academy plus watch video testimonials HERE.

Your life editing tribe is waiting for you.
Will you join us? The hugs are included.

PS, Got a question about Life Editor Academy? Send an email to and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Or check out the frequently asked questions HERE.

PPS, Can’t wait for hugs? Join us at our next retreat for a preview of what it’s like to be in the Academy.