Join Me for the Spiritual Entrepreneur Expo (Summit and Bundle) | Plus Coaching Freebies!

Most people view me as a “Type A,” goal-oriented business coach who’s obsessed with productivity and supercharging your sales.

Which is true! But there’s another side to me that’s often overlooked.

I consider myself a spiritual person too, and I incorporate manifesting, positivity, and mindfulness into my coaching packages and digital products.

As a Buddhist, it’s important for me to balance my business ambitions with my desire for an intentional life. They are two parts of the same whole. 

That’s why I’m blessed to participate in an online event for folks who want to honor all the diverse desires that make being human so magical.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Expo helps you embrace the intersection of spirituality and profitability to transform your business approach, connect with your purpose, and achieve new heights in your entrepreneurial journey.

Through Sunday, March 10, you can get a FREE Power Hour Call with me ($197 value) when you purchase the Spiritual Entrepreneur Expo (Summit and Bundle) for just $37.

The Details!

  1. Purchase the Spiritual Entrepreneur Expo (Summit and Bundle) for only $37 and get 30+ elite-level digital courses to harmoniously blend spiritual values with effective sales techniques. That’s a $1700+ value!
  2. You’ll be prompted to schedule your FREE Power Hour Call with me immediately after your purchase.
  3. We’ll meet on Zoom and design your 12 Week Master Action Plan (MAP!) to boost your business with integrity and intention. This is super fun!


But wait—there’s more! I’m also hosting a summit session you won’t want to miss.

  •  One-Minute Manifestor: Attract Your Desires at Lightning Speed.  The law of attraction doesn’t need days, weeks, or months to work its magic. Learn practical, down-to-earth manifesting techniques that take less than a minute to implement.

Watch my session when you join the summit!

Here’s a Preview of What’s in the Bundle

  • Law of Attraction for Skeptics (this one’s from me!)
  • 52 Weeks of Intuitive Tarot Card Exercises
  • 10 Practices For Your Spiritual Morning Routine 
  • The Inner Journey of Writing Workshop
  • The Ripple Effect Meditation
  • Wild Woman Journal
  •  And many more!


Yours for only $37. 

Click here to get the Spiritual Entrepreneur Expo (Summit and Bundle) with your FREE bonus, a 60-minute Power Hour Call with me.

I’m looking forward to talking with you and helping you plan a bright new future for your business. 

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