Spring Forward Fridays! Procrastination Blaster

Welcome! It’s Week 1 of “Spring Forward Fridays” a brand-new celebration to help you make progress on your biggest goals.

Before I get a bunch of angry emails—yes, I’m fully aware that it’s almost spring only in the northern hemisphere. For those of you dealing with mounds of snow and ice, consider these new courses a shining light during these dark, cold months.

I’ve had several half-finished courses cluttering up my to-do list, so I’m taking my own advice and setting some deadlines to get them done and out into the world so you can finally enjoy them.

This celebration is another way for me to say THANK YOU to all my beautiful, kind, and talented Life Editor followers (that’s you!). It’s my honor and pleasure to be your coach.

Every Friday in March I’ll be releasing an all-new course to help you get organized, make strategic plans, and SPRING FORWARD in a big way. 

Get Ready for 5 Fridays of All-New Digital Courses!

  • Procrastination Blaster (today!)
  • Evergreen Email Sequences For Endless Sales (coming March 8)
  • The Ultimate Guide to List Making and Journaling (coming March 15)
  • The 2-Day Product Producer (coming March 22)
  • MultiMe Mastery (coming March 29)




Procrastination Blaster is a speedy video course to help you stop self-sabotaging and finally make progress on your biggest goals.

In This Video Course, You’ll Learn

  • How to recognize the 3 common fears that cause us to procrastinate.
  • Why we subconsciously sabotage ourselves and our work—even if we don’t want to!
  • How to stop wasting time “researching” and start doing your work imperfectly.
  • Easy ways to keep up your momentum and mental strength when things get tough.
  • The tiny first steps you can take today to get yourself moving in the right direction again.

Ready to stop self-sabotaging and finally make progress?

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