Ingenious Ideas to Get People Talking About Your Brand

Is your brand buzzworthy?

All business owners want to get their brand noticed, but in a competitive marketplace, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some ingenious ideas to get people talking about your business.

Refresh Your Social Media

Around 4 billion people in the world use social media apps, so you’ll want your business to have a solid social media marketing plan.

Consider outsourcing your digital marketing so you can focus on your genius work. Social media managers can create targeted, tailored campaigns can expand your reach, increase engagement, and boost lead conversion rates.

Everything you share on social media is a reflection of your brand and must have value to your potential customers. Incentivize sharing and tagging, explain the culture of your brand, and build relationships with your followers. Engage with your followers in meaningful ways and not just try to promote your products and services. 

Use video clips and live stories, conduct interviews, and share case studies of your real-life customers using your products.

Host an Event

Events are a brilliant way to target specific audiences, introduce people to your brand, and create a memorable experience. Save the date: my live event, Life Editor Weekend, is returning on June 11!

You may want to hire professionals, use agencies or online platforms to assemble teams who have experience in AV labor or event planning, and think about the impression you want to create.

Build excitement for the upcoming event using social media and press coverage, and make sure your presentation focuses on the product or service you’re promoting. Tell your story, show how passionate you are, and leave your audience wanting more. Gather contact details and follow up with leads after the event. 

Get Reviews and Feedback

More than 90% of people read reviews before making a purchase, and businesses can capitalize on the popularity of reviews to attract new customers and create a buzz around a brand.

Use reviews on social media posts, your website, and paid ads. If you don’t have many reviews, contact customers and ask them to leave feedback. You can offer an incentive and make it easy to write a review, such as including a link in your email or adding a feedback link on your website.

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