If She Did It, So Can You!

It’s always interesting to hear what people really say about you when they think you’re not listening.

  • Do they find your laugh annoying?
  • Do they secretly want to steal your boyfriend?
  • Are they thinking up an excuse to not go to your pirate-themed birthday party?

But sometimes you hear the good stuff, that you’re actually making a difference in people’s lives. That’s what makes all the hard work so worth it!

When I got this testimonial video back from my videographer, I was in for a shock. I wasn’t in the room when my Life Editor Academy ladies gave their feedback about the mastermind group, and I had no idea what to expect.

One of the ladies, Sam, said something that truly touched me.

“Sage is funny, warm, and caring. What you see is what you get with Sage. I can tell you that when I made the decision to join the Academy, it was a very hard decision. It required a lot of commitment, but in the end…

The Academy is the best thing I’ve done.”

–Sam Hoppes

Click here to watch the video.

Because that’s how I feel too.

Life Editor Academy is THE BEST thing I’ve ever created, and it means so much to me that the women who dedicate themselves to the Life Editing Process are feeling uplifted and understood.

Here’s what other Academy ladies have to say:

  • “Everyone brags about getting their goals done very quickly with Sage, but I highly recommend if you need something that’s long-term goal setting, she does that so, so well.” –Linda Strahl
  • “I respect Sage a lot. She’s got a lot of passion around what she does. That’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to her, the authentic nature of how she approaches these things. Everything comes from a place of affection and caring.” –Heather Hardiman
  • “Sage was my champion to keep me on my path, and I never swayed away from it. As a result of joining the Academy, I’m getting some pretty good traction in my business. She’s the perfect balance of kind guidance and you-need-to-get-this-done! The Academy ladies all want to see each other succeed, not tear each other down. DO IT!!!” –Jeri Ann Cook
  • “Sage is wonderful to work with, and she provides a safe community for us. We get to share our fears and make breakthroughs and feel like we’re not alone.” –Cathy Colangelo
  • “Sage is an awesome sounding board. Go to the retreats because they’re so worth it.” –Erika Swafford
  • “If you’re thinking of joining Life Editor Academy, you should do it. You get the best of both worlds: the group mastermind and one-on-one coaching with Sage. This is the program for you if you need that support network.” –Meaghan Barkhouse
  • “I always look forward to talking with Sage. She asks the questions I never thought to ask myself. She’s very informative, cute, and funny. If you need help in whatever journey you’re making, definitely take a look at the Academy. Sage is the bomb!” –Judy Caban

Does this sound like a dream come true?
It’s for real!

Join Life Editor Academy by Sunday, September 30 and you’ll get 5 exclusive bonuses worth $2000.

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What will you say when you reach your goals?