How to Use a Not-To-Do List to Declutter Your Life

For the longest time, I was always the “more is more” kind of gal.

More attention, more clothes, more projects, more food, more fancy gadgets. More, more, more!

My self-worth was tied up in how much I could achieve and how much I could do while still maintaining my sanity (sort of). So I climbed that corporate ladder in my previous career as a book editor and then I stuffed my calendar with clients as a life coach.

But all that “more” only brought me less. Less relaxation, less time for hobbies, less bonding with my loved ones, and less happiness.

Enough with the excess! If I can learn to simplify and streamline my life, then so can you, Life Editor.

As your coach, I’m giving you permission to cut out all the non-important junk that’s filling up your schedule. I have that authority. 🙂

Watch today’s video to learn how to confidently say no and reclaim your time, energy, and mental well-being.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:36 Step 2: Delete Bad Influences
2:37 What’s a “Bad Influence?”
5:26 How to Be Intentional By Doing Less
7:14 Brain Dump, Everything On Your Plate
10:42 Other People’s Responsibilities
14:07 Stuff That’s Out of My Control
16:28 Stuff That Drains Me
19:00 The Difference Between Self-Care and Self-Comfort
23:04 Stuff That Doesn’t Need to Get Done

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