Editor’s Notebook 247

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

What I’m Loving This Week

Your Brain on Retail Therapy. A little shopping might turn around your bad mood.

A to-do list trick. Once again for the folks in the back, “You do not work from your master to-do list!”

5 Genius Time-Saving Hacks for Your Back-to-Work Morning Routine. My favorite idea: plan your clothes for the week ahead of time.

5 Rules to Follow If You Want to Try a “No-Buy Month.” A great way to get your budget back on track.

How To Manage Sentimental Clutter. You can love the memory, but that doesn’t mean the item needs to be taking up space in your home.

3 Dead-Simple Productivity Strategies Only Few People Apply. It’s more important to say no to non-essential tasks so you have room in your schedule for the stuff that matters.

6 Ways to Make Working from Home Work for You. You still need a schedule that supports work-life balance.

7 Oh-So-Fun Ways To Make Back-To-School More Joyful. Here’s how to stay grateful despite all the world’s problems.

How to Remember More of What You Read. It’s time to go back to active reading.

4 Ways to Clear Your Head of Unfinished Business Before Bed. This is how you’ll guarantee good, restorative sleep.

I Eat at an Old-People Restaurant. Me too!

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My Favorites

  • Book Outlet, save $10 off your first order
  • Picmonkey, save 17% when you sign up for my favorite online photo editor
  • Kajabi, start your free trial of this all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs
  • Book Like a Boss, start your free trial for this beautiful and user-friendly scheduling app for coaches and consultants
  • Epidemic Sound, start your free trial for the best music for YouTube videos
  • Passion Planner, save $5 off your first purchase
  • Trello, free elegant project management app
  • Beaver Builder, my favorite WordPress page builder