Craving Freedom? Set More Boundaries!

When I first started my life coaching business, I was desperate to get sales.

My day job as a book editor had me at the brink of burnout, and I knew I could quit that job if I made enough money through coaching.

So, I scheduled as many client calls as possible. Any day. Any time.

I had calls at 6:00 am on a Monday, 10:00 pm on a Saturday night, and back-to-back calls every day without breaks. It was EXHAUSTING and not at all in alignment with what a good coach would recommend.

All that bending over backwards to fit into my clients’ schedules had me giving away my power in addition to my time and energy. 

I was a leader who wasn’t leading.

Thankfully, I wised up before my head exploded and set some strong boundaries.

First, I chose days and times that worked for me, and that freed up my schedule when people dropped out because I wouldn’t meet with them in the middle of the night.

Next, I clearly stated my boundaries with potential clients, and I stuck to my guns. I took control of my business instead of letting it control me.

Here’s what I learned: I don’t have to be everything to everybody.

There are plenty of other coaches who do what I won’t . . . let the client choose the call time, discount their services, work with men, work for pennies, etc.

I even stopped doing one-on-coaching packages earlier this year and now only offer my group mastermind where my clients get better results and I get to keep my sanity.

Where are you giving away your freedom in order to be liked or to earn more money?

What could you gain by standing in your power and setting boundaries?

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