Behind the Scenes: A Typical Day In Life Editor Academy

One thing we pride ourselves on in Life Editor Academy is CLARITY!

We spend huge chunks of time getting clear about our specific goals and action steps. Strategically planning upfront saves us hours (sometimes days!) in the long run.

Academy ladies never sit around thinking, “What should I work on next?”

Since clarity is such an important key to life editing, let me share a behind-the-scenes peek at what really goes on in the Academy.

We’re all about transparency, and I want you to have a full understanding of what you can expect if you choose to join our mastermind groups.

A Typical Day in Life Editor Academy…

  • You’ll start the day by receiving your “Monday Motivation” email from me with that week’s new video training and worksheet.
  • You’ll send me an update with your #1 priorities for the week.
  • If it’s a call day, you’ll connect with me through Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone where we’ll review your successes, challenges, and next steps.
  • Every week you’re required to get in touch with your accountability partner to support each other and share what you’re working on.
  • You’ll read the next chapter in that month’s book club selection.
  • You might open your front door to see your next Quarterly Care Package waiting for you.
  • You’ll delete, add, or rearrange something in your life and business to get closer to your ideal self. Tiny edits every day!
  • And several times a year you’ll hop on a plane to head to Orlando, Florida, for our in-person retreats. Hugs for everyone!

Does this sound like a dream come true? Click here to join us.

Now I’ve got 2 must-see videos for you!

  1. The first video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the Academy materials in our private membership site. Check out the weekly videos, worksheets, book club, call recordings, and more.
  2. The second video is a glimpse inside our exclusive retreats here in Orlando, Florida. Wake up with morning yoga, eat gourmet organic meals, learn high-level life editing techniques, map out your goals, and dive into the pool!

Life Editor Academy Membership Site Tour

Life Editor Academy Retreats

Enrollment closes tomorrow, Friday March 30, 2018, so don’t delay if you feel that Life Editor Academy is right for you.

If you’re ready to edit your life and business with a team of ambitious women (and none of the typical burnout), then click here to join us today.

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