When this pandemic is over (or at least contained better), I can’t wait to host my live retreats again.

Seeing my clients in person for my Life Editor Weekend and Life Editor Academy retreats was such a pleasure! And as an extrovert, I always got a lift from being around other ambitious women.

One of my favorite activities during a retreat is when we create a year’s worth of blog content ideas in less than an hour. Yes, really!

It’s easier than it looks, but some clients still resist starting a blog because they think it’s going to be complicated or confusing.

Maintaining a blog full of useful articles, videos, or podcasts is the best way to show your potential customers that you’re truly capable of helping them.

Your blog is how you stand out in your field, showcase your expertise, and build trust with your unique audience.

Ready to blog like a badass?

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help you boost your blog and never run out of content.

1. Write Like an Editor. In this video training class in the Life Editor Clubhouse, you’ll learn how to come up with an endless stream of content ideas for your blog, videos, podcasts, and more.

2. 3 Undeniable Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog. The best business owners blog consistently and with passion. Here’s why you should share your expertise to help the people who need you the most.

3. How to Use an Editorial Calendar. An editorial calendar helps you plan your blog content so you never wonder what you should write next. It makes your business look professional.

4. 7 Days to an Edited Blog. This fun guidebook in the Life Editor Clubhouse walks you through a week of simple edits to make your blog look brilliant.

5. 12 Inspired Ways to Leverage What You’ve Got in Your Business. You don’t need to hustle your butt off like a mad woman! Leverage what you’ve got by reusing and reselling your business content.

6. 7 Secrets to Make Your Blog Stand Out. Make your blog stand out with these juicy secrets from April Bowles-Olin’s workshop Build a Successful Creative Blog.

7. How to Write the Best Subject Lines for Email and Videos. Your subject lines must grab your audience’s attention! Learn my unconventional strategy that uses a familiar object you have lying around your house.

8. Blog Like a Badass. In this module from Startup In 60, you’ll learn how to write for your specific audience and position yourself as an expert.

Like these tips? Join the Life Editor Clubhouse for dozens of video training classes to help you edit your life and business.

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