3 Undeniable Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

There’s one essential element every great business website needs: a blog!

Before you push back and insist that you’re not a blogger, let me say that I’m not a blogger either!

Sure, I’ve published more than 900 blog posts in the 6 years I’ve had my website, but my blog is just one of the many marketing techniques I use to promote my business.

When I get a new client who’s struggling with her business, 90% of the time she either doesn’t have a blog or isn’t blogging regularly enough to attract potential customers.

The best business owners blog consistently and with passion. They know the value of expressing their ideas clearly to help the people who need them the most.

Not convinced? Blogging might be out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it.

Here are 3 undeniable reasons why your business needs a blog.

It Positions You as an Expert

As a business owner with a blog, you are in a unique position to demonstrate to your potential customers that you can help them with their problems.

Whether they need help putting together a snazzy outfit, asking for a raise at work, planting the perfect garden, or whatever it is that you specialize in, your blog posts can offer them actionable solutions.

You can toot your horn and basically say, “Yes, I’m the expert you need! Look at all these quick tips and strategies I’m sharing for free!”

A blog positions you as an expert and lets your knowledge shine in a helpful (not bragging) way. You can share success stories, case studies, and testimonials on your blog to increase your “wow factor.”

On a plain website, you can say a million times that you’re the best fill-in-the-blank. But a blog proves it!

It Gives You Something to Share

My clients and followers ask me on a near-daily basis what they should be posting on social media, what they should share in their email newsletters, and what goes into a good pitch/press release.

There’s a no-brainer solution—your blog posts!

Beautifully written blog posts give you something to share on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Include a dynamic image in the blog post to boost the share-ability even more (especially good for Pinterest!).

When you share snippets of your blog posts on social media and in your emails, you’ll gently lure your readers back to your website to read the rest of the post.

Why lead them to your website? Because that’s where they can pay you!

Share your useful blog posts in as many different venues and formats as you can. You’ll increase your social proof and drive traffic to your website or online shop.

It Makes Your Business Appear Current

When I visit a company’s website for the first time, I immediately try to find their blog. Ideally, there should be a link on the home page so potential customers can zoom in on the information they need.

But what if there’s no blog?

A lack of blog posts tells me that the business owner doesn’t care enough about her potential clients to provide helpful advice outside of a paid service.

How are we supposed to trust her if she’s not proving she’s an expert in her field?

And you’re not fooling anyone by deleting the “published on” date at the top of the blog posts. That tells me you’ve got something to hide, and that blog post could be years old.

Let me be blunt: I rarely, if ever, buy from a company that doesn’t have a blog. If they’re not willing to show me that their products/services/advice are current, then they don’t deserve my money.

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