8 Personal Mantras for Happiness and Success

Personal mantras or affirmations offer inspiration and motivation to move forward toward your goals.

These simple phrases draw from common sense, ancient wisdom, and universal truths so that you can conquer your emotional resistance. Saying or reading a mantra every morning can help you stay positive and motivated all day.

Here are 8 personal mantras for happiness and success.

Don’t Ask for Permission

We’re trained to ask for permission before we do things since we were children and throughout life in our families and workplace. 

Successful people don’t wait for approval from anyone else. Aside from obeying the law, they don’t actively seek out permission for the things they want to achieve or do.

Begin With a Single Step

As I advise my clients, you must break down your big goals into smaller projects, and then break down those projects into smaller tasks. Ideally, each task should take 10 minutes to complete. If your next step is any bigger than that, then it’s too big and should be broken down into easy wins.

You can find a similar sentiment among fitness dad quotes. Getting healthy doesn’t require giving up fast food, but instead making healthy choices, one meal at a time.

Be Open to Adventure

Many people prefer to stay in their safe comfort zones than try a new adventure. But successful people know that you’ll have a happier life when you challenge yourself.

Just see where life takes you, and enjoy the uncertainty of the journey rather than racing to a certain destination.

Just Start

Everyone procrastinates, even when they want to achieve a specific goal very much. Successful people know that all you must do is start, even if it seems inconsequential. Open a Word document and start typing, clean up one desk drawer, or write an idea on a sticky note. There’s no right way to start, so just do SOMETHING.

The wonderful thing about success is the rewards multiply over time, and consistent progress leads to enormous results.

Change the Plan, Not the Goal

Just because your plan fails doesn’t mean you should abandon your ultimate goal. There are many ways to achieve wealth, health, or any other goal. If one strategy doesn’t work, then try something else.

Know More, Grow More

Knowledge is a powerful asset, and understanding the world is perhaps the greatest asset you can have. Always seek out more knowledge about topics that excite you, and include learning time in your calendar or planner.

Strange Doesn’t Mean Stupid

The world’s most successful people all had weird ideas that people said were impossible, but despite the naysayers, they made things happen anyway. These pioneers and their strange ideas are responsible for many wonderful things including the internet, coffee shops, rocket ships, and more. 

Let It Go

Clinging to things and focusing on attachment will ultimately lead to unhappiness. Your possessions, the people you love, and the way society is today are all impermanent things that will eventually change or disappear.

Take a cue from Queen Elsa and “let it go.” Remember the other mantra “This too shall pass” so you appreciate the things you love while you have them in your life.

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