4 Tell-Tale Signs You Can Trust Your New Hire

Hiring the right person for the job is one of the toughest decisions you’ll make as a business owner.

Even with the best of intentions, no applicant is entirely honest during the interview process because they’re focused on making a positive impression. While applicants are unlikely to lie, they can choose to embellish the truth to boost their profile. It’s understandable because we all want to make ourselves more employable. 

The key to making the right choice is to do your research so you build a solid comparative base for all applicants. Working with experts in recruiting and applicant hunting can also make a big difference.

Here are tell-tale signs you can trust your new hire.

They Pass a Full Background Check

Regardless of the position you’re hiring for, you want to run a thorough background check on your future employees. Contrary to common belief, small businesses can access top quality checks with solutions such as eKnowID that are dedicated to protecting your company.

A typical background check includes criminal record, credit check, driving record, education check, and employment verification. You can also consider right to work for international applicants. With a rapid turnover, you can receive results within half a day, helping you decide safely and quickly. 

They Have a Positive Social Media Presence

Job seekers understand the importance of social media, and you’re likely to find professional-looking profiles on LinkedIn. But it’s worth viewing their presence on other platforms.

Facebook profiles, Twitter feeds, or personal websites can reveal a lot about their personalities. Most applicants can create a convincing LinkedIn page, but it’s tricky to be consistent across all platforms. Read through their social media channels to learn their interests (and if those match the ones mentioned in their resume), their attitude on work and challenges, their expertise, their behavior with previous employers, etc. 

Their Body Language Echoes Their Story

Body language isn’t an exact science, but it can reveal clues about an individual. Facial expressions, for instance, can be a good indication of how the person feels during the interview.

Someone who smiles a lot or someone attentive to their interviewer is more appealing than applicants with a confused expression. Mouth movements can also give you an idea of how someone feels. Remember, it’s normal for applicants to exhibit nervousness and stress at the interview stage, but you don’t want to see signs of distaste or disapproval. 

They Researched Your Company Before the Interview

Candidates often have the opportunity to ask questions during the interview, and an applicant who researched the company is more likely to ask relevant and pertinent questions about the future of the business and its growth strategy.

The applicant might want to know more about the development plan for the job or even the next step to approach a new market. Someone who doesn’t have anything to ask may not be invested in the company. 

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