7 Painless Steps to Break Your Bad Habits | New Year, New You!

Breaking bad habits is a lot like breaking up with your high school boyfriend. 

You remember him, right? The one with the drug problem who was always pressuring you to hang out all night at the 7-Eleven with him and his skater friends.

No? Well, I had a boyfriend like that, and I was magnetically pulled to him like a teenager to a Slurpee.

I tried to break up with the loser at least a dozen times, but I kept coming back for more . . . just like a bad habit.

Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with moody teenage boys anymore (unless you have one for a son!), but we do have plenty of other bad habits that are just as persistent.

Today I’m sharing 7 steps to make your bad habits a distant memory.

Best of all, the process is completely painless! Unlike that ill-advised tattoo. 

Watch this video for a simple system to help you break all your bad habits.

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