3 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone in Your Business

Running an online business is pretty incredible because you’re not tied down to the old ways of doing things.

If I had started a coaching business 20 years ago, I’d be stuck paying rent for a building and have a clientele limited to the people who walk by or live locally.

Now me and my clients can work anywhere in the world: at home, in coffee shops, on planes, and thousands of miles away from our ideal customers.

But there’s one place I never want you to work . . . IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE! 

Staying safe and sound in a little bubble of what you’re used to will cause your business to stagnate. I would know! After nearly a dozen years as a coach, I’ve had to pivot and adjust my business strategies as technology and people’s preferences change.

Ready to say “see ya!” to outdated thinking? 

Watch today’s video to learn 3 ways to break out of your comfort zone so you can get more sales for your business. 

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