A Message From Your Future Self

In the past week, I’ve had Discovery Calls with 2 different public school teachers who both have the same problem.

They don’t want to be teaching anymore.

It’s not the kids, but the administration, lack of freedom, and poor pay.

And now that the school year has begun, these teachers feel stuck and hopeless about their futures.

One teacher said, “I’m kicking myself for not growing my business during my 3-month summer break. If I did, I wouldn’t be back here again!”

The future can seem far away and abstract, but it’s closer than you think.

Every day, you make choices that directly affect your future happiness. 

Imagine your future self is reaching out to you right now. What would she tell you to do today to make life easier in a few months time?

  • Would she tell you to stop mindlessly scrolling through social media?
  • Would she encourage you to get up a half hour earlier to work on your goals?
  • Would she beg you to finally get serious about your business so you can quit your job?

Here’s what I’m telling those disheartened teachers: DO THE WORK NOW so you don’t have to return to your soul-sucking jobs after winter break.

It’s the same for you no matter your profession . . . you have the power to make progress TODAY so your future self will feel empowered and free by December.

There’s no time like the present. I believe in you! 

What’s one tiny edit you can make this week to give your future self the happy ending she deserves?

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