3 Business Benefits of Going Green

Alongside the current Covid-19 pandemic, climate change is the biggest issue of our time.

Over the past few years, there have been significant leaps in combating the problem, and many of the world’s largest companies have pledged net-zero carbon neutrality. As a result, the public’s attitude toward unsustainable practices and pollution is drastically changing.

As a business owner, you can pledge to reduce your carbon footprint and be the change you want to see. This will encourage employees to do the same and demonstrate to clients that you’re doing your best to play your part against a potential ecological disaster.

Here are 3 business benefits of going green.

Grants and Rewards

There are rewards available to you as a business when you battle against carbon emissions and enact good sustainability practices. For example, United States residential construction companies can claim the 45L Tax Credit award (https://tri-merit.com/45l-credit/) if new construction projects meet specific energy efficiency criteria. 

The UK government offers environmental tax relief for specific carbon goals. You pay fewer road taxes for non-polluting hybrid or fully electric vehicles. However, this might not last long since the UK government aims to ban the sale of petrol cars by 2030.

But there are commercial entities that offer carbon offsetting schemes that share the responsibility of carbon emissions.

Customer Expectations and Trends

As the sustainability and green movement becomes more prevalent, customers are keenly aware of unethical business practices or those that pollute the most. Be mindful that customers now expect businesses to adopt carbon reduction policies.

Clearly express your carbon goals to clients such as creating a company mission statement to outline your plan, strategy, and deadline. One survey of 10,000 consumers found that two-thirds of them support the idea of carbon footprint and sustainability information printed on product labeling.

Knowing You Played Your Part

Take comfort in knowing you did everything you could to help prevent the adverse effects of climate change. Most scientists agree now is the time to act, and most of the world embraces the idea. Your actions make a difference, and when everyone contributes a small part to the larger whole, great things are possible.

Explain your carbon reduction mission to employees and adopt them company-wide for the best impact. Encourage employees to recycle, ask them to carpool or cycle to the office, and turn off desktop PCs and lights before leaving work.

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