10 Practical Tips for Startup Business Owners

Despite the fact that I market myself as a life coach, more than half of my clients don’t have any pressing life problems.

Instead, they’re startup business owners who want to be more productive, more profitable, and less stressed.

Thankfully, nearly all of my best life coaching strategies work for entrepreneurs too. We want to get from Point A to Point B quickly and without a lot of drama.

Are you in the honeymoon phase of your business? Or are you still waiting to take the leap and create something of your own?

Today, I’m sharing my best content to help startup business owners get traction fast.

1. 13 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Fix Them. Part of being a business owner is putting yourself out there and doing things that may or may not work. But if I could talk to myself back when I had nothing more than an idea, this is the advice I’d share.

2. Hit Send! 3 Things to Always Include In Your Email Newsletter. If you want those interested folks to continue to read your emails, then consider adding a few touches to make your messages feel extra special.

3. Stop Hiding! How to Love Being the Face of Your Business. If you want to earn your customers’ trust, then you must be willing to show them that you’re a real person who’s worthy of their time and money.

4. The 3 Kinds of Income Your Business Needs. These different types of income can help you manage your time and energy and take the stress out of planning how you’ll use that money in the future.

5. The Most Useful Marketing Strategy You’re Not Doing. Commenting has transformed my business from a struggling startup to a thriving 6-figure coaching practice.

6. Don’t Quit Your Day Job. It’s tempting to drop your day job and solely focus on your business, but here’s why that might not be a good idea.

7. Why I Never Work in My Pajamas. Wearing your ratty pajamas doesn’t mean you’ve embraced freedom and non-conformity. It means you’ve given up.

8. 7 Truths About Starting a Business. I love helping my clients avoid the pitfalls I faced so they can be successful in less time.

9. Non-Sleazy Ways to Always Be Marketing. It sounds funny, but your customers aren’t buying whatever you’re selling (coaching, jewelry, art, ebooks, etc.). They’re buying YOU.

10. Should You Start a Business? Take the Quiz and Find Out! Is there a little voice inside you that wants more?

Bonus tip!

Implement SEO in Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of optimizing your website/blog to be found by others for specific phrases when they search on a search engine. The more detailed your keywords are, the better. When you build links to your website/blog with those specific keywords as anchor text, it tells the search engines that your page is relevant to the searcher. You can easily find a reputable SEO agency to help you develop the perfect strategy.

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