Edit My Life! September 2020 | Life Update, Editorial Calendar

This is September, back-to-school season, and there’s just a hint of fall in the air. Well, maybe more than a hint if you’ve seen the crazy Halloween displays at Target or other stores.

So I’m using this fall fresh start as a time to reset and revamp my routines.

It’s time to edit MY life!

This is a different kind of video for me. Usually, I share advice, strategies, and quick tips that can help you live a more productive, edited life.

I’m a life coach . . . it’s what I do. 🙂

But today, I’m giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on with me right now. My hope is that you’ll be inspired by my process (and my mistakes) to make some positive changes in your life.

Get a cup of tea or a glass of wine because we’ve got a lot to discuss.

In today’s video, I’m pulling back the curtain and showing you how I’m editing my life this month.

In This Video

  • Major life updates including who I’m living with right now.
  • My editorial calendar planning process and how you can adapt it for your content creation.
  • The books I’m reading in September and how each one fits a specific step in the Life Editing Process.
  • A sneak peek at my upcoming planner that I’m currently designing.

Mentioned In This Video

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