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Your Questions Answered About Startup In 60

If you’ve been reading my emails and blog posts this week, you might be thinking my business program Startup In 60 sounds a little too good to be true.

  • Can a super busy person like me really create an online business from scratch in just one minute per day?
  • Is it truly possible to start earning money in less than 60 days?
  • Will I understand the technical aspects of setting up a website and marketing to the right people, even if I’m a total beginner?

Startup in 60 isn’t a typical business course.

It’s a TIME MANAGEMENT program because if you’re not using your time wisely, then you won’t be able to start a business or achieve any other huge goal.

It can be confusing, scary, and strange to take the big leap into business ownership, especially if you have a history of quitting your dreams when things get tough.

You CAN change your typical behavior. Your goals are too important to ignore.

I recently hosted a Facebook Live call to share how you can run a business in less time than you think.

Questions Answered on the Call

  • Why does it feel like there’s never enough time?
  • How do we stop our excuses from holding us back?
  • What are some common procrastination traps and how do we avoid them?
  • Can I start a business even if I have a day job, or kids, or other responsibilities?
  • What are the best time management tips for busy women?
  • What’s included in the Startup In 60 program?
  • What results can I expect if I join and do the work?

Next Steps

Startup In 60 begins February 4, 2019.

Will this be the year you create your dream business?

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