Your Instant Gratitude Makeover | 5 Friday Edits

The first time I tried to makeover myself didn’t go as planned.

How many of you have a story that starts the same way?

At about age 15, I decided to dye my hair electric purple because . . . well, that’s what you do in high school. So I drove myself to the local mall—ha! remember malls?—and purchased a small bottle of hair dye from Hot Topic.

I imagined how impressed my friends would be the next day at school and how the violet shade would pop against my nearly all-black wardrobe. It’s hard to believe now since my clothes look like rainbow exploded all over them, but there was a time my emo tendencies took center stage.

So I applied the dye as directed, waited the precise amount of time, and washed out the gloopy mess from my hair.

I looked in the mirror and saw . . . nothing. No change. No purple. Not even a hint of the radical new me (this was the mid 90s).

The only evidence that I had done anything was the grape-ish stain in the bathroom sink. My black-brown hair is like an endless abyss of darkness, nothing could change it.

So maybe that makeover didn’t stick, but I’ve made loads of edits to my life that have had a dramatic effect on things that truly matter like my happiness.

It’s a little early for new year’s resolutions, but I have a makeover plan for you that won’t disappoint like so many other quick fixes.

In today’s video, you’ll learn 5 edits you can make to create an instant gratitude makeover.

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