Weekly To-Do List to Stay Motivated | 5 Friday Edits

I’m known for a lot of things.

Since I’ve been running my life coaching business for 9 years, it’s natural that I would develop some consistent patterns.

  • Such as my pink and yellow branding colors.
  • That weird painting in my office.
  • My bizarre facial expressions.
  • Saying the same phrases over and over: “I’m a Life Editor . . . and so are you!”

But what I’m really known for, more than anything else are my printable worksheets.

It started off slowly, designing a new one every few months until they exploded and now I have more than 20 worksheets in my free resource, the Editor’s Toolkit.

My editorial, systematic mind thrives on order, and it’s been thrilling to see my audience embrace my worksheets as their first introduction to life editing.

Today I’m releasing a brand new printable worksheet in my Editor’s Toolkit called the Weekly To-Do List, and I hope you love it.

Click the link below to download the free worksheet and then follow along in this video to learn how you can stay on top of the easy edits you’re making in your life and business.

The Editor’s Toolkit

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