Editor’s Notebook 186

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

What I’m Loving This Week

Cats and Domino. Just the kind of distraction we need right now.

30 Women-Owned Vegan Businesses to Support Today. My 3 favorite words: vegan women entrepreneurs!

5 Ways to Serve Up Genuine Compliments. You’ll feel good when you make others feel good.

How to Accept Your Success Instead of Feeling Like a Fraud. Remember to celebrate your wins. You worked hard and deserve it!

14 Achievable Tasks to Help Declutter Your Home While Stuck Inside. Easy things to do to feel more in control and clear-headed.

Recently lost your job? Here are five steps to take to help you deal. A few of my clients have lost their jobs during this worldwide health crisis. Sharing this article in case you’re feeling lost right now.

The Fall Of The Business Suit. A fascinating look at office wear through the decades.

Science Confirms It: Yes Your Dog Should Sleep in Your Bed. The best night’s sleep I get are when I’m snuggling my dog Skyla. Do you share your bed with any fur babies?

13 Tips That’ll Make Working from Home Feel Slightly More Productive. Making the best of an awkward situation.

Here’s How I’m Prepping 25+ Family Meals from My Pantry. A little planning will save you tons of time and stress.

5 People Who Were Amazingly Productive In Quarantine. What will you create when you’re forced to slow down and just be with yourself?

How soap kills the coronavirus. Yes, wash for 20 seconds AND use soap.

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