Want to Chat About Life Editor Academy?

Do you have a nagging question inside you?

Is there something that’s pulling you in one direction, but your concerns and fears are pulling you in the opposite direction?

This confusion is totally normal, and it’s something most of us face when we’re about to make a life-altering decision.

Every time I launch my Life Editor Academy mastermind groups, I get a lot of emails and messages on social media from worried folks who need clarification before they take the leap and join.

Sometimes it seems like I spend all day answering emails!

But what really concerns me are the questions they’re NOT asking.

I’ve noticed that when I get on the phone or Skype with a Life Editor, she’ll get real and authentic in a way she can’t be through email.

Maybe you have a question that needs a more thoughtful answer:

  • How do I convince my spouse to let me join the Academy?
  • How do I persuade my employer to pay for the Academy? (Yes, this happens!)
  • What if I can’t keep up with the weekly videos and worksheets?
  • Can I earn back the money I’m paying by growing my business during the length of the program?
  • Can I pay with PayPal? How about a batch of cupcakes?
  • What if the other Academy ladies don’t like me or think I’m too weird / too old / too young / too boring?
  • I missed the early bird bonuses! Can I please, please get them anyway?
  • What if I don’t believe in myself to do the work? I’ve failed so many times.

If you have questions or simply need reassurance that the Academy is right for you, then let’s set up a free call to discuss your concerns.

Send an email to sage@sagegrayson.com and say, “I want a free call to talk about the Academy” and I’ll get you on my schedule right away.

Enrollment is open through this Friday, March 30, so we still have time to go over all the details and make a plan that fits your unique needs.