You’ve Never Seen These Before… [LAST DAY]

It’s Sunday, and I know you have better things to do besides read blog posts from me.

Maybe you’ll stay in your jammies and bake some cookies. Maybe you’ll finally write your novel. Maybe you’ll finish your plan for world domination.

Personally, I’ll be walking my cute doggo, reading books while drinking endless cups of tea, or racing around the Magic Kingdom with my husband. We’re still kids at heart!

So let’s keep this short and sweet. 😉

Today is the LAST DAY for you to grab the 3 exclusive bonuses when you join either the Gold or Platinum groups of Life Editor Academy.

  • Extended Payment Plans!
  • Edit Your Biz on a Budget Training Course!
  • Edit Your Time and Get Stuff Done!

Why do these bonuses matter?

Because I’ve never released them before, and these training courses will not be available anywhere else: not on my website, not in the Clubhouse, nowhere!

Consider them a special treat for you quick deciders.

Click here for more details about Gold and Platinum and join us today.

Got questions about the Academy? Send an email to and let’s set up a free call to go over all the details.

Now get our there and enjoy your Sunday!