Tiny Leaps, Big Changes | Book Club Discussion

When you finally commit to a goal, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing ALL THE THINGS that could possibly help.

You’ll join a gym, ask for a raise, clean your entire house, cut up your credit cards, and run 10 miles a day until you collapse into a heap of sweat and broken dreams.

We’ve all been there!

But if you’re tired of . . . well, being tired, then allow me to introduce you to a different way of achieving your goals.

By focusing on the teeniest, tiniest baby steps you can take daily, you’ll reach your finish line faster than you ever thought possible. And without a burnout meltdown.

This is the principle behind life editing, tiny leaps, atomic habits, kaizen, and a hundred other goal planning strategies. Ready to do the (small) work this time?

Watch this video to learn how to take tiny leaps that lead to big changes!

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