The Big Leap I Took That Revolutionized My Business

Two years ago, I was at a crossroads with my business.

Sure, I had recently broken the 6-figure mark, I had a full client load plus a wait list, and my then-new program Startup In 60 was a hit with my followers.

But something still felt off…

To be perfectly honest, I was lonely. Working from home with only my dog Skyla to keep me company made me long for human interaction.

I’m a classic extrovert, and I increase my energy by being around other people. Although I do video calls with my clients, it wasn’t enough.

There were countless times during a video call when I wanted to be able to hug my crying clients or simply be in the same room as them.

The laptop screen couldn’t trick me into feeling like they were really sitting across from me when they’re actually thousands of miles away.

When I finally sat quietly with my thoughts, a clear message appeared in my mind like a massive billboard I couldn’t ignore:

I wanted to do live retreats.

I’m obsessed with live retreats hosted by other coaches and entrepreneurs because they give me a chance to interact with like-minded ladies and “fill my cup” with the buzzing energy of a conference hall.

Retreats are where I get my best ideas because I’m thrown out of my usual routine and able to access my creativity without my typical distractions. It’s easy to come up with my next brilliant product idea without the noise of my dishwasher running in the background.

Hosting my own retreats was as lofty dream I had for years, but something told me that it was the right time to do it.

But how?

I took my cue from Step 5 of the Life Editing Process and decided to move forward imperfectly. The kinks could be worked out later!

I famously came up with my Life Editor Academy mastermind group over an intense planning weekend and sent the registration email to a small group of SuperFans. Would they want to come to live retreats with me in Orlando?

Amazingly, the Academy spots filled up within a week, and I had my proof that retreats were the future of my business. I would finally get to see me clients in person!

It’s been a few years, and in-person retreats have become a prominent fixture of my coaching practice. I host a minimum of 4 per year including a large public event at a resort hotel.

Next week I’m hosting the second annual Life Editor Weekend event at the beautiful Lakeside Inn here in Orlando, Florida. It’s my favorite time of the year, and my clients eagerly anticipate it too.

There are training sessions, swimming, shopping, dancing, hanging out by the lake, and even a pajama party. Being right there with my clients to answer their questions and support them is truly magical.

Hosting in-person retreats has revolutionized my business, and I’m so grateful that I took the big leap to follow this dream.

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