Life Editor’s Picks: Halloween Treats

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.

No blizzards to worry about. No presents to buy. No romantic dates to plan. Just candy and dressing up in wacky costumes.

You gotta love any chance to be a kid again. 🙂

Here are my picks for terror-ific Halloween treats.

1. Noodlers Ahab Fountain Pen, Pumpkin. Beautiful color to help you write some creepy ghost stories.

2. Metalhead Skull. It’s not morbid. Just consider this a memento mori to help you appreciate every day.

3. Spooky Girl Classic Bracelet. I adore Angela Moore bracelets and have one for almost every holiday.

4. Skull Notebook. I love the juxtaposition of skulls and flowers.

5. Alight Round Ottoman, Orange. Rest your feet here after a long night of trick-or-treating.

6. Orange Post-It Notes. I go through these like water. Perfect for color-coding my evil plans.

7. Black Kitty Mug. Do I need another mug for my massive collection? No. Will I buy this one anyway? Yes.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas Wallet. Best Halloween movie EVER!

9. Tumblers. Butterbeer or witch’s brew?

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What are your favorite Halloween treats?

In the comments below, share your how you like to celebrate Halloween.

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