The Weird Thing Life Editors Do

A few months ago at my Life Editor Weekend event, I noticed that I kept doing this weird thing.

Whenever one of the ladies asked a question, I would recommend a book:

  • “There’s an awesome book that answers that question…”
  • “I learned this technique from the book…”
  • “If you really want to change your life, then you must read…”

It was pretty silly after a while! I must have suggested more than a dozen self-development books.

But you know what?

All the other Life Editors were swapping book recommendations too.

As a former book editor turned life coach, I still have a deep love of publishing and read at least one book per week.

Life Editors are avid readers because we always want to be learning new ways to edit our lives.

So when I created my yearlong mastermind group, Life Editor Academy, I knew we just HAD to have a book club.

Watch this video to see why books are such a big part of the mastermind experience.

Reading the same books together and sharing our thoughts in a supportive environment has become my favorite part of the Academy.

When you fill out the application to join Life Editor Academy, you’ll see that I ask for your 3 favorite books and why they’re important to you.

I want to know what books speak to you and how we can incorporate those ideas and passions into a customized life editing plan for you.

Maybe it’s weird that I know a book for every problem. But us Life Editors would rather be weird than boring.

Ready to embrace your inner book nerd?

CLICK HERE to apply for Life Editor Academy. I’m accepting applications through October 31.