Life Editor Clubhouse Tour

As a Life Editor, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier and more fulfilling.

Last summer I realized that I was making my business needlessly complicated by using at least a half dozen different software programs to organize my products and programs. I had various payment processors, multiple online sites housing group courses, email providers, and more.

It was driving me bonkers! And FYI, a stressed out life coach isn’t as effective as one who’s got all her ducks in a row. Quack!

So I did what any Life Editor would do…I started deleting!

First I switched over to Infusionsoft to organize my subscriber list, process payments, and manage my ezine and email promotions. Then I created a membership site using AccessAlly that conveniently links to Infusionsoft.

I gotta say, things are about a million times more streamlined around here now that I’ve got just 2 programs to manage.

In addition to editing my business, my Life Editor Clubhouse membership site made it easier for YOU to access, download, watch, and enjoy all my life editing freebies and paid products in one place.

The Clubhouse has been active for 3 months now, and it’s been wonderful having a home base for my tribe to hang out and get stuff done. Easy peasy. 🙂

In today’s video, I’m sharing an inside look at the Life Editor Clubhouse. Let’s go!

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