Inside the 2016 Edited Year Life Goals Planner

I recently gave you an inside look at the all new Weekly Calendar and Business Goals Planner.

Today, we’re diving deep into the 2016 Edited Year Life Goals Planner.

How do you want your life to look in the new year?

It’s easy to become complacent with our lives and just go with the flow. But there’s a big difference between being flexible and completely giving up your personal power.

You have much more control over your life than you think! Even if you have to coordinate things with your family, spouse, kids, pets, and a dozen other people, your wants and needs matter too.

What hobbies, activities, self-care, and adventures would make your life shine?

How would you act if you were the very best version of yourself?

What life experiences have you been missing that you’re now ready to add?

Here’s a peek inside the all new 2016 Edited Year Life Goals Planner!

What Is It?

  • An Intense Goal Planning System to help you determine what you want to achieve in your life and how to create a step-by-step action plan.
  • A High-Quality DIGITAL File so that you can easily print the planner to a size that works for you or to accompany your favorite planning system.

What’s Inside?

  • The Life Editing Process 101
  • 2016 Year at a Glance
  • Saying Goodbye to 2015
  • Aspiration Journaling Prompts
  • 2016 Life Goals Plan
  • My Morning Ritual
  • My Perfect Day
  • My Team of Supporters
  • Mandatory White Space
  • My Word of the Year
  • My Not-To-Do List
  • 2016 Monthly Reviews
  • And Much More!

Who’s It For?

  • Life Editors who love planners and are obsessed with setting and achieving their goals.
  • Dedicated women who love the Life Editing Process and are always trying to better themselves.
  • Super organized Type A women with analytical personalities who want to focus on what really matters in their lives.
  • Type B ladies who secretly wish they were more Type A.

Watch the video below to look inside all 3 Edited Year Planners.

Ready to edit your life?

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How do you manage all the areas of your life?

In the comments below, share your best tips for staying organized while you edit your life.