Life Editor’s Picks: Tarot Card Decks

Maybe it’s the pandemic. Maybe it’s the political unrest. Maybe it’s the 6+ months of quarantine we’ve been forced to endure.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been on a mission to seek out people, situations, ideas, and anything that makes me FEEL GOOD!

There’s only so much stress we can take before we snap at our loved ones, quit our jobs in a huff, or devour a whole chocolate cake in one sitting.

For me, I’ve been binging on Youtube channels featuring tarot readings and other witchy diversions. Now, I’m not saying I 100% agree that choosing random cards can predict your future or even give you practical advice.

But I’ll take a few minutes of mystical goodwill over “doomscrolling” any day. It’s much more satisfying to imagine that positive things are just around the corner, rather than expecting the worst.

How do you manage your stress and cope with the negativity in the world? Leave a comment on Facebook and let me know.

Here are my top picks for unique tarot card decks.

1. Affirmators! Tarot Deck. A great place to start if tarot still feels too “woo woo” for you. This deck’s description says it’s “for Magical Guidance from the Universe to Help You Help Yourself – without the Self-Helpy-Ness!”

2. Modern Witch Tarot Deck. This truly is a modern take on tarot with beautiful illustrations of different races, sizes, and cultures.

3. How to Deal: Tarot for Everyday Life. Tarot can have a place in your normal routine even if you’re not all that spiritual.

4. Cat Tarot. Because you always suspected your sassy cat was a being from another realm.

5. Kawaii Tarot. No scary witches here! This is the perfect deck if your animal familiar is Hello Kitty.

6. Everyday Witch Tarot. My favorite deck of the bunch! These warm, luscious illustrations make you feel like you’re in another world hanging out with your new mystical friends..

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