How to Recognize You Are On the Wrong Path and Avoid a Big Mistake

You might not guess it from looking at me, but I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and business.

Like, A LOT of mistakes.

There was that time as a newbie coach when I spent months designing a new program . . . only to sell one copy. And that was a pity purchase from a friend. 

Or how about that time I scheduled jaw surgery the day before a 3-day retreat I was hosting. My bruised face in the videos matched my bruised ego.

And folks love to point out the typos in my emails and blog posts. “Aren’t you a former book editor?”

I wish I could save you from the pain of failure, but that’s not in my life coaching bag of tricks. What I can do is help you recognize when your plans aren’t working so you can mitigate the damage, and hopefully, get on the track to a new plan faster.

Watch today’s video to learn how to recognize when you are on the wrong path before you make a big mistake.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
2:59 You’re just going through the motions.
3:47 You’re experiencing “sunk cost” fallacy.
4:45 Your goal doesn’t feel achievable anymore.
5:32 Your plan isn’t in alignment with your current situation.
6:22 You have a sinking feeling you made a big mistake.
7:20 Join the Life Editor Clubhouse.

Mentioned In This Video

Remember, you don’t have to pursue your goals alone. You can work with people who have “been there, done that.” As explains, mentors can make a tremendous difference in how far you go and whether or not you get stuck along the way. And, unlike people close to you, they’re not trying to typecast you or get you to do the things they want. They’re neutral, just looking at the facts and telling you what you need to do to succeed, first personally, and then professionally.

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