How to Plan, Organize, and HOST A RETREAT for Your Business

One of my favorite things I do for my business is host retreats because it’s a chance to break out of our normal routines and work on our goals in a fun environment.

That’s why I was so disappointed when I had to stop my live in-person retreats because of the pandemic. But thankfully, I was able to pivot this year and host virtual retreats, which are just as fun and much less stressful.

Have you thought about hosting a retreat or party for your business? It’s easier than you think!

Watch this video to learn the simple steps to go from idea to event they’ll never forget.

In This Video

  • How retreats give you a chance to personally connect with your potential customers.
  • Why you should never “firehose” your attendees with information.
  • What to do with the retreat recordings to continue earning money after the big event.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:55 Determine the outcomes.
2:25 What you can teach.
2:49 Choose the best way.
3:14 Don’t firehose them.
3:55 Space to ask questions.
4:08 Leverage the recordings.
4:41 Your homework

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