How to GET CLIENTS When You Don’t Feel Like an Expert

This one’s for all the life coaches!

I remember when I started my coaching business more than 10 years ago and how exciting and scary it felt.

I knew I had great advice and strategies to share, but I didn’t feel like an expert, especially when I compared myself to those more popular “celebrity” coaches.

Who would hire me when I felt like such a newbie?

Watch today’s video to learn how I made one simple change to go from zero clients to 8 paying clients in less than a month.

In This Video

  • Why people believe the stereotypes and myths about life coaches.
  • How you can use your newbie status to your advantage to become a better coach.
  • Why your potential clients will jump at the chance to help you test your coaching framework.

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:22 Why life coaches have to work harder.
2:40 Admit you’re not an expert.
3:42 Set up as many free calls as possible.
4:39 Your homework

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