6 Essential Tips to Stage the Perfect Home

Many people have a hard time selling their homes because they don’t know how to stage them to make the space look as appealing as possible.

Also, we live in our houses for so long enough that we become blind to the dust on the shelves or the cobwebs on the ceiling. But with a little work, you can vastly improve the look of your home.

Here are 6 essential tips to stage the perfect home.

Check the Essentials

Make sure you have all the essentials in your home such as running water, electricity, and heat. Also check that all appliances are working properly.

Clean the oven, check all burners, and run an entire cycle through your dishwasher. Check that the toilet flushes and the shower has hot water. Consider adding temporary fixtures such as a shower curtain and towel rack.

Remove All Clutter

The #1 rule for staging your home is to remove all the clutter, remove excess furniture, hide family photos and knickknacks, and pack unnecessary items. The goal is to give buyers a clear view of the space to imagine how they could use it themselves.

Give It a Deep Clean

Give your home a deep clean and focus on the nooks and crannies and scrub any dirty surfaces. Pay attention to the kitchen and bathrooms because these are two of the most commonly used rooms in a home.

Be Your Own Stager

You don’t need to hire a professional stager. Depersonalize your home for potential buyers to see the space as their own. Lots of real estate companies offer complimentary staging. To see an example, visit website here.

Make Sure Your Home Smells Nice

Light some candles, use potpourri, or plug in an essential oil diffuser. This makes people feel like they’re in the home of someone who cares about their comfort.

Take Care of Your Garden/Yard

A well-manicured garden is the perfect finishing touch to a staged home because it shows you take care of your property and invest time and effort into making it look good.

Trim back overgrown bushes, mow the lawn, and clean up weed patches. Reduce clutter as much as possible and get rid of old yard furniture or toys that aren’t being used. Keep your yard looking organized so buyers imagine themselves relaxing in it after they move into their new home.

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