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This is a post in my How I Edit series where ambitious women share real-life examples of how they edit their lives and businesses with the help of my Life Editing Process.

Please say hello to Dacia Dyer!

Dacia Dyer, SpirWitchuality

How I Create a Foundation of Gratitude

This may be cheesy to say, but I’m thankful for my whole life path. That’s not to say it’s been a breeze or without stress and complications.

I’m actually currently in the midst of massive life and career transitions right now; however, I am blessed in so many ways and I choose to look at the blessings more than the stresses. I admit that it’s not always easy to keep my positive outlook. Sometimes things can get really, deeply bleak.

So I keep my focus on the good things in life by stepping back to see the bigger picture. I do this in a few different ways.

One great way is to go back to nature. Getting out of my home and getting to mountains (as I live in Colorado) is an amazing rejuvenating source for me. It helps me to remember that all of nature happens in a perfect flow and so my life can too, if I allow it.

Another great way is to journal or express myself creatively. I love writing and do it often, but I’m also becoming more visually artistic, and coloring books are my new favorite obsession! 🙂

How I Delete Bad Influences

I have to say this is probably the hardest step for me. I either don’t clearly recognize what’s bad for me, or it takes me a while to let it go. (I don’t imagine I’m alone in those conundrums.)

What has helped me lately is thinking about my core desired feelings (from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map). If something is helping me to feel my CDFs, then I’ll keep doing it, but if it feels heavy or against my CDFs, then I have to let it go.

Funnily, the latest thing I’ve let go of is my facial cleanser. For the past couple months, I’ve been breaking out non-stop and thought that it was from stress or diet. I’ve been focusing on improving my self-care routines and changing the way I eat, but I’ve still be zit central. It was driving me crazy!

So I finally took time and really thought about what’s changed for me in the past few months, aside from the stress. Since I’d just changed cleansers and toners a while back, I decided to go back to my other skincare routine and see if that helps.

Sure enough, my skin is clearer and healthier than it has been in a long time! Which definitely helps with creating more of my core desired feeling–sexy! 😉

How I Add Good Habits

I’m not much one for trends, but I’ve finally hopped on the bullet journal bandwagon, and I’m so glad I did! 🙂 I love coloring my journal and creating new layouts. And I finally have a reason to buy loads of washi tape! Hehe. But seriously, it’s been a fun and creative way to focus my energy and attention on planning my days.

One of the best parts of my journal is my habit tracker. It’s been helping me to make and meet the goals that are most important to me. Which includes not-so-fun tasks like reviewing my finances, to more heartfelt fun things like naming one happy moment from each day. A few of my habits are miniaturized for ease of accomplishment.

Having just read Mini Habits by Stephen Guise, I am hooked on mini habits. They are so ridiculously simple that there’s really no reason not to complete them and thus boosts your confidence to keep them up.

I’m now getting closer and closer to finishing my first book thanks to the mini habit of writing just 50 words a day. Generally, I do write more than that, but even if I just hit 50, well, that’s more than if I hadn’t written any that day! Mini habits are the embodiment of “slow and steady wins the race,” and I recommend them to everyone.

How I Rearrange Everything Into a Perfect Flow

This is probably my second biggest issue, after deleting bad influences. I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow person, but there are some routines or patterns that, once established, are extremely hard to revise.

This past year though has been one long experiment in scheduling. After quitting my full time job, I had to find a new schedule that worked and kept me productive while working from home. Then I added a part time job and had to rearrange my time to get everything accomplished.

I think the biggest help through all these transitions has been knowing when I work the best and creating systems that keep me on target. For instance, I mentioned the bullet journal earlier as a way I organize all the things I need or want to accomplish and also track them. I also added a morning routine to my day, thanks to the book, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Before I do anything else, I get in my yoga, meditation, visualization, and some reading done. I also write in my gratitude journal so I focus on all of my blessings first thing. My morning routine helps get me in the right frame of mind to face whatever may come to me that day. It’s been a huge part of my self-care for the past several months.

How I Make White Space

Confession time: I am a nerd. I’m a Trekkie and Renaissance Festival goer. I love being around other nerds and geeks. They are my people. 🙂

Aside from going to nature, which always clears my mind and heart, I love watching scifi/fantasy films. Nothing in your life seems so bad when compared to Frodo traveling all the way through Mordor mostly unscathed only to lose a finger to Golum in the end.

Sure, that’s not real, but it’s a great reminder to me that no matter what obstacles I face, there’s always the strength and courage within me to overcome them. As Gandalf tells Frodo in the midst of his suffering, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

And deciding what to do with our time is the greatest challenge we all face. I choose to live and love with passion and follow my heart wherever it leads. I may not know what direction that will be from day to day, but I know I’ll have a wonderful time along the way. 🙂

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  1. Erika Swafford on August 19, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    I love your journal pages, Dacia! And I really enjoyed your Lord of the Rings reference. Good words to live by!

    • Sage Grayson on August 22, 2016 at 8:48 am

      Thanks for commenting, Erika! 🙂