Here’s Why You’re Not Reaching Your Goals

It breaks my heart when I meet with a new client who’s not reaching her goals…and she blames herself.

She thinks she’s not good enough, and maybe her mother-in-law was right when she called her lazy.

Or else she thinks that she must not want to change her bad habits because if she really cared then she would “just do it.”

That’s a pretty harsh way to look at life. What’s so upsetting is that my client isn’t a failure or doomed to suffer for all eternity.

She’s not broken. It’s the system that’s broken!

For more than 5 years, I’ve been teaching ambitious women how to take back their time, energy, and power with my Life Editing Process framework. When you go after your dreams in a systematic, structured way, then you’ll have more YOU to give to your family, friends, career, business, and yourself.

I’ve experienced the mind-blowing changes life editing can ignite firsthand, and I’ve seen it happen for the thousands of women I’ve worked with.

Ready to take a big LEAP? I just released a new free video series that tackles the problems with goal setting head-on. 

Your Life Editing Action Plan (LEAP) video series will help you take a huge leap forward and learn the 5 keys to setting and finally achieving your BIG life and career goals in 2018.

Video 1 launched today, and we’re talking about why normal goal setting doesn’t work. Let’s get rid of the confusion so you can stop spinning your wheels.

Watch the free LEAP video series here.

BONUS! Be sure to download your Life Editing Action Plan worksheet that accompanies today’s video. You can start using it right away to map out what changes need to happen for you to live your best life.

Say goodbye to what’s been holding you back this year!

If you’re like me, then you have a beautiful story in your mind that you want to be living. But in order to turn the page on your next chapter, you have to feel capable and motivated to make tiny edits every day.