Easy Edit from Mike Dooley, Notes From the Universe

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Mike Dooley, author of the popular Notes From the Universe.

He was speaking at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop here in Orlando, Florida. I first heard Mike’s wisdom when I watched The Secret movie more than a decade ago.

His motto is “thoughts become things,” and that means choosing to stay positive so you can attract more abundance into your life. We all know people who seem like magnets for bad luck because they’re always focused on the negative.

Don’t be a Debbie Downer! Mike’s daily Notes From the Universe emails keep me feeling optimistic even when I’m struggling.

During his presentation at the workshop, he shared an easy edit that challenged our usual way of thinking about accountability. Are you making this mistake?

Watch this video to learn why your loved ones might not support you (and how to find people who will!).

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