FYFW: 5 Ways to Choose Self-Care Over Self-Comfort

Happy Halloween, Life Editor!

Before you settle onto the couch to watch scary movies and eat sugary snacks (admit it, you bought that candy for yourself, not the trick-or-treaters), let’s talk about self-care.

Because here’s the trick—most people choose self-comfort over self-care, and they’re not the same thing.

One will fill you up with positive energy, while the other will make you crash and burn faster than a sugar high.


Self-comfort is when you overindulge in things that numb you out, deplete your energy, or make you feel bad about yourself.

But the weird thing is that you think you’re being kind to yourself when you do those things like watch TV for hours or eat a whole chocolate cake.

Self-care and self-comfort are not the same thing.

Self-care gives you energy and fills your cup. You feel more hopeful and alive after self-care. Self-comfort numbs you out and drains your energy until you’re a zombie looking for your next hit.

So what will it be? A trick or a treat?

This is Face Your Fear Week, and in today’s video I’m sharing 5 ways to choose self-care over self-comfort.

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