FYFW: Live a Life of Freedom By Embracing Your Fears

I love talking with my clients about what freedom looks like to them.

Some people imagine tropical island vacations, while other want booming bank accounts with money to burn.

That sense of freedom can only be accomplished when you stretch yourself to do bigger and bolder things than you do in your current safe life. For most of us, our fears hold us back and make us play small.

No sipping fruity drinks on the beach. No sports cars. No swimming in piles of money.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today’s fear is fear itself! And how it closes the door on our dreams.

Embracing your fears (instead of running away from them) is the only way you can experience true freedom.

This is Face Your Fear Week, and in today’s video I’m sharing how you can live a life of freedom by embracing your fears.

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