Face Your Fear Week 2020 Wrap-up

If you’ve ever had a video call with me, then you know I can be a little dramatic.

I can’t help it! I get very animated when I’m encouraging my clients to follow their passions and design their dream lives and businesses.

All week long I hosted my 9th annual Face Your Fear Week on Facebook and Youtube where I shared my advice about overcoming business fears in honor of the launch of Startup In 60.

This time management course for busy women helps you go from idea to fully functioning business in just 60 days. No magic spells. Just extreme focus.

Because at first glance, it seems impossible.

Starting a business in just 60 days? Doing 60 seconds of work per day? Has Sage gone bonkers?

But it’s TRUE! You’re a smart, capable Life Editor, and you can accomplish more than you think in a short amount of time.

Startup In 60 teaches you to become the most productive—and happiest!—person you know. 🙂

Missed the Face Your Fear Week calls? No worries! Check out all the videos below and enjoy my weird antics.

Day 1: Fear of Success

Day 2: Fear of Selling

Day 3: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Day 4: Fear of Failure

Day 5: Fear of Being Seen

If you’re ready to stop hiding in the shadows, then I invite you to join Startup In 60.

The live session with weekly interactive group calls begins next week so don’t delay! Your edited biz is waiting for you.

Starting a business doesn’t have to be scary!

This is your chance to build something creative for yourself and gain financial freedom.

Click here to join Startup In 60.

Got a question about the program? Please send an email to sage@sagegrayson.com.

See you in the spook-tacular program!