60 Days Left. Wanna Make ’em Count?

There are only 60 days left of 2020.

You (like many of my clients) might be thinking, “Good riddance!”

This year has been tough in so many ways, and more than a few of my friends and clients have lost their jobs or had their hours severely reduced.

In fact, one of my income streams (in-person retreats) completely vanished in this new normal. BTW, this is exactly why I insist that my clients build multiple sources of revenue.

Maybe you’re looking for answers and reassessing what you want to do with your life.

A fresh start? A new direction? Or perhaps just give up?

I could understand if you’re ready to throw in the towel, crawl into bed, and hide under the covers until January 1. Sometimes I feel the same way!

But as your coach, I want to challenge you to see the next 60 days as an opportunity to pull yourself together and feel hopeful about the future.

You can’t solve the world’s problems, but you CAN choose to create something meaningful for yourself.

How do you want to spend the next 60 days?

  • Earning extra moolah for your family so you can breathe easy.
  • Embracing your imperfections and finally stop overthinking and worrying.
  • Reclaiming your time with a sense of purpose and direction.
  • Building a business from scratch and proving those naysayers (and your inner demons) wrong.

But none of this is possible if you stay stuck in your “woe is me” attitude.

Believe it or not, an online business doesn’t take years to set up. If you want to learn how to make noticeable progress in just one minute per day (yes, really!), then I invite you to join Startup In 60.

The next 60 days will pass anyway. Let’s make ’em count!

The live session of Startup In 60 begins November 4, 2020 and includes 60 daily videos, 30+ clarity worksheets, weekly interactive group calls, accountability, and more.

Click here to join Startup In 60.

Who will you be just 60 days from now?